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CLIP top BLUMOTION combines innovative technology, award-winning design and top quality motion within the smallest space, for soft-close BLUMOTION has been seamlessly integrated into the boss.

Impeccable, clock-like precision. Integrated soft close is innovative technology at its best. Effective and integral to delivering soft and effortless closing to cabinet doors.

Soft-close BLUMOTION adapts to the dynamics of every door. So all doors have a smooth closing action regardless of size, weight or force with which you close them.

The BLUMOTION feature can be deactivated to ensure that even smaller or lighter doors boast top quality motion.

The 110° hinge allows you to implement thicker doors of up to 24 mm – depending on application. The new pivoting point prevents collision with the cabinet front edge when the door is open.

The CLIP top BLUMOTION 107° hinge requires impressively little drilling depth (just 11.5 mm). So the hinge is suitable for thin door depths of 15 mm or more.

For us, design elegance is a perfect combination of function and form. That’s what makes CLIP top BLUMOTION so outstanding.

CLIP top

CLIP top 125° 0-protrusion hinge for thick doors

Throw open the doors for Blum’s proven classic. CLIP top stands for enhanced adjustment and assembly ease, trustworthy function and attractive design. Every door equipped with Blum hinges opens and closes with reliable ease.

The CLIP mechanism – proven a million times over. Fronts can be attached and removed quickly and without tools.

Easy, infinitely variable three-dimensional adjustment with spiral screw for depth adjustment. Selected mounting plates have cam height adjustment

You can combine CLIP top hinges with soft-close BLUMOTION or with the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system for doors.


MODUL blind corner hinge

MODUL’s combined slide-on and screw-fix feature has proven its worth for many years. The functional hinge is very popular with furniture makers.

Three good reasons

  • The hinge delivers easy slide-on front to cabinet assembly.
  • Its 3-dimensional adjustment feature guarantees perfect gap alignment.
  • And an integrated pull-out stop ensures that doors are held in place.

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