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Blum Box Systems

Box systems by Blum

Think about the box

You need the right products to be able to respond to diverse customer needs. We offer three fully fledged double-walled box systems to meet differing needs and requirements in terms of design, function and manufacturing.


Experience Elegance

Is there such thing as the perfect drawer? Free from all that is familiar, focussed on the principles it pursues and yet unprecedented in its level of performance. Linear. Sleek. Slim. That’s LEGRABOX: Experience Elegance. The box system impresses with its clear contours, parallel drawer side design and accent lines as a central design element.


Clear-cut and rectangular

A reliable product, bespoke services, stringent quality standards, award-winning design and consistent development – these are the foundations of a successful partnership. Proven a million times over, TANDEMBOX antaro fits the bill in every way, and has done so for decades.


Simple and good. Tried and tested.

METABOX drawers and pull-outs have only few component parts. You can use the tried and tested box system for a variety of applications in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and offices – and even for shop fit outs. Robust materials and careful workmanship produce high stability – up to a maximum dynamic carrying capacity of 30 kg.

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